-Use your Twitter account as your Pidgin status message.

Check if Pidgin is Perl enabled

In Pidgin, navigate to Help | About and find Perl: Enabled

Install XML::XPath from CPAN

From the command prompt

# perl -MCPAN -e shell

From the cpan shell

get XML::XPath

make XML::XPath

test XML::XPath

install XML::XPath

Or if you’re feeling lucky, just

install XML::XPath


Copy twitter.pl to your pidgin plugins directory Usually ~/.purple/plugins/

Enable Twitter Status Feed

Using Pidgin, navigate to Tools | Plugins and find Twitter Status Feed. Enable it, and Click the Configure Plugin button to open the plugin configuration dialog. Enter your Twitter username and click Close.

Pidgin will periodically fetch your last tweet and set the saved status Twitter as it. To activate for the first time, pull up the saved statuses window and use Twitter.

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